Burghfield Santas

The Burghfield Santas are a group of local residents that create fun events for the residents of Burghfield and the surrounding area to raise money for Thames Valley Air Ambulance and other local charities.

It all started with Santa Cruise 19 years ago when a group of mates went out for a few drinks after making and wrapping many presents. We wore our red suits and raised a little money for the Thames Valley Air Ambulance.

We did this again and again many times and somewhere along the way we realised that charity fundraising is not just for Christmas but Easter too. The Bunny Hop was born, closely followed by Burghfest which satisfied our need for good music, good company & good local beer.

The next challenge was to return racing to the historical home of the Auclum Hill Climb, so in 2017 we launched the annual Box Kart Bash.

2018,  saw the launch of  The Bulging Sack, our very own Pop Up Pub. This came to its own in 2020 when due to the coronavirus our major events were canceled.  It opened Friday and Saturday evenings in the summer and raised almost £10,000 for Thames Valley Air Ambulance as well as providing a chance for the community to get together.

In 2023 we raised £41,654 for Thames Valley Air Ambulance and over £10,000 for other local groups and charities through our Do Your Bit scheme.