It is lawful for Burghfest to take place?

  • There are some changes the organisers have had to make, mainly behind the scenes, but the event can run legally, and we believe safely, under current Government rules.

Will I have to wear a face mask / practice social distancing at the event?

  • It is not compulsory to wear a face mask, however, we would recommend people wear them in busy places for example on entry, whilst queuing or ordering drinks or in the music tent.
  • Please respect people’s decision to wear a face mask or socially distance

Do I have to socially distance?

  • Please respect other people’s personal space and maybe leave an extra few paces between your group and people nearby where possible.
  • The ticket desk can get busy, but there aren’t usually queues at the bar. We ask you to be considerate of others in these areas and in the music tent.

Can I sing along to bands or shout?

  • There are currently no restrictions on singing or shouting, we ask that you remain courteous and considerate of others though.

Do I need proof of a negative Covid-19 test?

  • By attending Burghfest you self-certify you do not have any Covid-19 symptoms, and are not categorised as requiring to self-isolate. It is recommended that you take a lateral flow in the morning prior to attending the event to confirm.

Are your staff Covid-free?

  • We cannot categorically guarantee all staff (or attendees for that matter) are Covid-free. However, we require that all staff comply with current Government regulations and they self-certify (and retain proof of, eg in photographic form) a negative Lateral Flow test on the morning that they volunteer or, if they do not have access to home testing, they take a negative test immediately prior to the start of their shift.
  • Please note, the above policy does not necessarily apply to third party food or fairground vendors as they fall under their own guidelines.

I’ve had Covid-19, can I still attend?

  • If you have tested positive for Coronavirus, please do not attend the festival until your self-isolation period is over. We will refund your ticket and drinks vouchers on production of a receipt or credit card / bank statement showing proof of purchase, or provide a voucher for redemption in 2022. NOTE: We cannot refund cash purchases.
  • Please do not attend Burghfest if you need to self-isolate because you are displaying any Covid-19 symptoms, even if these symptoms are mild.
  • If you or anyone you live with have one or more Covid-19 symptoms you should follow the government guidance on testing and self-isolation.
  • If you develop any Covid-19 symptoms whilst at Burghfest, please go home with your entire household.

Do I keep the same glass?

  • The bars do not keep stock of festival glasses, so you MUST present your own glass at the bar to get service. You may swap glasses e.g. wine glass for a beer glass at the ticket desk.

Can I sample the beer?

  • As in previous years, beers can be sampled from your own glass, so long as the bar is not busy at that time

Will you sanitise glasses between use at the bar?

  • No, it’s impractical to do this on the scale required for this event. Our staff will try to hold glasses at the bottom, not round the top where you drink from, they will also sanitise from time to time. If you are concerned about this, you should bring sanitiser wipes, these will not be available from the festival organisers.

Is there bar service or table service?

  • Current government guidance permits bar service. We will not be providing tables, let alone table service.

Are you taking cash?

  • Cash is not accepted at the bars, it may be accepted by individual food vendors.

I’m vulnerable. Is it safe to attend?

  • We have taken measures that exceed the current HM Government Covid-19 regulations to make the festival as secure against Covid-19 as possible, whilst being a relaxed fun place to be. The public areas will be cleaned regularly throughout the day.