Craft Brews – iPA

by Craft Brews

Sponsored by Mortimer Sausage Company

5.3% Pale Unfined
Geeky name iPA stands for inter personal assistant

inter Personal Assistant or India Pale Ale. A single hopped IPA, using an English hop, Endeavour. It has a complex blackcurrant, loganberry and spice aroma with flavour inherited from Cascade, light citrus grapefruit and lime notes

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Craft Brews – iPL

by Craft Brews

Light IPA
3.2% Pale Unfined
Name came from a geeky IT history working with AS400’s

initial Program Load or India Pale Light, A light coloured, lighter alcohol ale with a delicate spice aroma. It has a subtle fruity start which evolves into a balanced hoppy finish characteristic of an IPA.

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Loddon – Citra Quad

by Loddon Brewery

Sponsored by Warings

Session IPA
4.4% Pale 
Available in Cask or Keg. You decide what’s best!

Citra Quad is a quadruple-hopped session IPA which honours that juiciest and most tropical hop – Citra. Abundantly hopped with Citra over four stages of the brewing process, this 4.4% beer packs a punch of intense flavours and aromas that will be sure to get your mouth watering.

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Longdog – Golden Poacher

by Longdog Brewery

Golden Ale
3.9% Pale 

At 3.9% abv, Golden Poacher is the perfect thirst quencher. Bravo and Gallena hops all the way through, this beer has bags of aroma with crisp citrus coming through in spades. Magnificently hoppy, you’ll find yourself swirling and sniffing this beer all the way to the last drop.

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LoveBeer – Bonnie Hops

by LoveBeer Brewery

Extra Pale Ale
4.6% Pale 
Super hoppy award winning ale

This is a crisp golden coloured ale made with pale malted barley. We selected 4 of the “big dog” hops from the USA to bring out huge citrus and floral flavours which make your taste buds tingle. Enjoy.

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Stardust – Optic

by Stardust Brewery

Pale Ale
4.2% Pale Unfined

An aromatic hoppy pale ale. Capturing the full potential of the fruity American hop flavours, this beer is designed to slip down easily while packing in the best of the hop properties. A smooth mouth feel with tropical fruits on the nose.

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