Murdoch’s Crazy Eyes – Friday 21:20

Burghfest House Band

No introduction required, Dom (lead singer) dominates the stage with the most amazing performance you will ever see. A huge amount of love for these highly energetic and talented guys at Burghfest, they get better every time.

Thanks to Peter O'Brien for this little snippet from last night's awesome gig! Findon, you're always amazing! If you've got any photos or videos from last night, post them on our Facebook page!

Posted by Murdoch's Crazy Eyes on Sunday, 11 September 2016

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Sonic Weapon – Friday 18:00

Wild Rock Legends

Nothing can prepare you for Sonic Weapon, really.. nothing! There are no words to describe what might happen on stage this year. Come and experience the dream show with Ben and the crew. Heckling is compulsory.

Hit Me Baby One More Time from Burghfest 2017

(Hit Me) Baby One More Time (now with MP3 audio)

Posted by Sonic Weapon on Friday, 29 September 2017

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